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Let us take all the administrative and social steps near the Andorran Government and any other public or private organization.

The study : The definition of your objectives and the search for the solution best adapted to your needs.

The company's incorporation : Reception in Andorra, first work meeting, search for existence of name, project of statutes (Articles of Association), First Minutes of the company, managing banks and notaries, request for authorization of incorporation of company, stamps, publicity, administrative intervention.

Registered address
Registered address and postal address, registered office, reception, sorting, put at disposal and forwarding of the mail, permanent telephone service, immediate transmission of the communications, permanent fax reception and retransmission, annual formalities, office and conference room at the customer's disposal.

Administrative steps case-by-case study
Andorran residency permit
Compulsory: Whether residence & work permission or choice of passive residence.
Banking contact: Introduction, opening of a bank account...
Andorran Driving licence
Homologation of any European driving licence, it is compulsory to have an Andorran residency permit. In Andorra the point system does not exist.

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