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To release the profits:

• on income tax of natural persons, on the benefit of the companies, the parafiscal taxes
• on purchases of goods, of supplies, of services
• on overheads such as the N.H.S. fees (employers' + wage approximately 22% according to the option chosen), the living costs (possibility of deducing travelling expenses and other missions), the taxation of vehicles and the road tax.

The advantages of incorporating a company under Andorran law (branch, subsidiary company, S.L. (LTD), S.A. (PLC) or holding):

• VAT payable in the country of destination.
• The company has to pay a Corporate Tax of 10% or less depending on the situation.
• Redeemable Acquisition up to 100 % of any vehicles whether they are new or second hand.
• No tax on company vehicles.

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